01 October 15 circuit Wendens Ambo – Ashdon – Cornish Hall End – Thaxted – Widdington.

Maurice W,John B, John T, Keith Naylor met at Andrew R’s house in Wendens Ambo to enjoy some late summer Essex sunshine completing a 37 miles circuit   Wendens Ambo – Ashdon – Cornish Hall End – Thaxted – Widdington.

The coffee stop was at Thaxted accompanied by Maurice’s obligatory Scone & Jam followed by a brilliant over 60’s £8.50 !! lunch at the Fleur De Lys in Widdington.

Mechanics Warner and Rusack came to the rescue of John B’s aging Peugeot stuck in reverse gear. Unfortunately it was not a quick fix and the old banger was pushed using all hands on deck to Wenden Garage who had it repaired the next day much to the relief of John B.

Here is a copy of the stunning country route.



8th October, guided down the guided busway to St Ives and back via Willingham. 40 miles

Today’s ride, organised by our leader Maurice and attended by Andrew R, John B, John T, Keith, Howard and Martin, started from Trumpington Park and Ride and took us swiftly into Cambridge along the guided busway, but not as swiftly as the buses which whizz along silently at high speed, perilously close to cyclists at times. From the centre of Cambridge we had a scenic ride over Midsummer Common and then alongside the river and the grubby narrow boats to Chesterton, where we headed up to Milton Road to join the guided busway again to St Ives, crossing various roads en route. Whilst smooth and fast the route got a bit tedious after a couple of miles but counting the many buses helped to pass the time. Howard had a puncture which Maurice helped mend whilst the rest of us pedalled on to St Ives for much needed caffeine, to avoid falling asleep on the return leg. It wasn’t long before Howard and Maurice arrived to join us at the splendid River Tea Rooms on the River Ouse by the disused bridge (for traffic).

The River Tea Room at St. Ives on an idyllic Autumn day.
The River Tea Rooms at St. Ives on an idyllic Autumn day.
The Johns in deep discussion
The Johns in deep discussion

Then it was off to say hello to Oliver Cromwell who was born in Huntingdon in 1599 and lived in St Ives from 1631 until 1636.

Oliver Cromwell and his  faithful supporters
Oliver Cromwell and his faithful supporters

And then it was back more or less the way we came but with a pleasant diversion through Over to Willingham where we stopped at the auction rooms for lunch outside in blazing sunshine, and an interesting selection of beers of varying alcoholic strength.

Thanks, Maurice for guiding us along the guided busway!

25th September, extended edition

This was indeed a glorious ride and thanks to Deputy Dawg, alias Andrew Rusack, for organising it (and not stopping every 5 minutes to repair punctures). After last week’s record tally of punctures, Andrew had a couple more on returning from the Duxford Air Show, but claimed he enjoyed the walk back to Wendens Ambo.

Today’s ride included a fast downhill from Therfield, followed by a panic pedal along suicide alley (the A505) before quiet lanes again to Litlington, Steeple Morden and Ashwell, where we stopped at The Jester, near the station for coffees / beers in about equal numbers. Then it was mountain climbing time with a long ride back to the Therfield / Sandon ridge where the views were superb and the riders split into 2 groups for the final miles home. Those who went via Therfield clocked up 29 miles whilst those who took the scenic route via Sandon did 33 miles. Needless to say, the final ascent towards Great Chishill up the Seven Sisters resulted in Alison being very busy on the beer pumps in The Pheasant, where a good lunch was had by all.

Happy jesters / piss artists at The Jester in Ashwell.
Happy jesters / piss artists at The Jester in Ashwell.

Christmas lunch at The Pheasant on Thursday 10th Dec 15


Christmas Lunch  (note the amended start time)

We shall be having our annual Christmas lunch at The Pheasant  on Thursday 10th Dec 15  – 12.00  for 13.00, everyone is welcome including others halves .

If you are planning to go and wish to book places, please send Deputy Andrew an email headed Windmill Club Christmas Lunch indicating how many in your party.  The email address is andrew@thsolutions.org.uk

Deputy A